Blackjack Myths to Follow if You Want to Lose Money

Considering how most casino games are based on luck, it’s not surprising to find that several myths about the different games that have proliferated over the years. Many of these things started from some player’s genuine intent of trying to understand the game, they do not add much value in terms of actually helping you win more or earn more. If you’re not careful, these myths might end up with you losing more as a result.

Below are some myths that are sure to lead to you losing money.

Myth 1: Aim as close to 21 to win blackjack.

A lot of people can be forgiven to think this. But the actual goal for the game is to beat the hand f the dealer. It is always best to employ a strategy where you stand depending on the up card of the dealer and the cards you have. A lot of people end up losing because they end up hitting when they should have opted to stand.

Myth 2: You lose because of bad players.

How bad or good other players are have no bearing on whether you’d win or lose, especially in the long term. While it is true that some stupid players make some stupid plays that can sometimes affect everybody’s hand, but it sure shouldn’t have any bearing on whether the entire table is going to lose or win.

Myth 3: If your hand is a blackjack, make sure to take insurance.

Most seasoned blackjack players will tell you how insurance is not a very intellectual bet. Taking up insurance the moment you get a blackjack is equivalent to giving up about 13% of what you would profit for a blackjack payout. If you are to break even when placing an insurance bet, you need to correctly guess at least once in every three times. These are odds that are simply way against you. Unless you are doing some card counting, insurance isn’t something you should consider.

Myth 4: Players joining in the middle of the game can lead to you losing.

This is very much like when players decide to take another card or if they will decide to leave while you are still in the middle of the game.

Remember that this is not going to have any bearing on what the game’s outcome is going to be.

Myth 5: You’re going to win soon.

Just because the dealer has won 10 consecutive times doesn’t mean you’re bound to win soon. Always remember that the chances of you winning a hand are never going to be affected by past outcomes. Of course, you are going to win eventually, as you have about 48% chance of winning your hand. However, this could take a long time. This is why when it comes to short term results, the previous plays will never have any effect on you winning a hand.

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