Blackjack Techniques to Help You Win More

Blackjack is a good casino game to start playing if you’re new to online gambling. It isn’t that complicated and the rules involved are easy enough for even a newbie online gambler to understand. Before you start, always take the time to learn as much as you can about the game. It is always easier to play when you have a good grasp of the rules.

While you can choose to play at your own pace when you gamble at casinos online, you might increase your winning chances by learning as much as you can about the game. Most seasoned blackjack players will probably tell you that the best method to pursue would be card counting. Of course, there are various other intricacies to blackjack betting that you need to know.

Learning about them and even mastering a few of them might help you perform better the next time you play. Considering how most online casinos that offer blackjack games online will also have a free to play version of the game, you can easily practice these methods and these strategies to determine which ones work best for you.

Tip 1

If you think you have a possible 10, 9 or 8, remember never to double down on two. There is a very good chance that the dealer will choose not to bust. He might end up hitting higher compared to what your hand is likely to total. So, avoid doubling down as the chances of you losing are just high in this case.

Tip 2

Never buy insurance when playing the game. The only exception to this is when you have a total of 20 as the value for the cards you have on your hand. You’ll find that pursuing this strategy is going to pay off by saving you any lost money that you would have ended up spending on cards that do not really have any chance of winning at all.

Tip 3

This can seem controversial but if you are ever going to hit 16, you can expect to have a much higher edge if you decide to take the risk of aiming for a higher total card amount. This is especially true when you compare your cards to that of the dealer’s hand.

Tip 4

It is possible to split your cards into two. This allows you to have two different hands. Do remember that going overboard isn’t an option so avoid splitting your hand into three, although that may be possible. Doing this could lead you to lose 2 out of the 3 bets you made. This is one strategy that is just going to waste your money in the process, so, avoid splitting your hand into three.

Tip 5

If your hand totals to 12 while the dealer has a 2, avoid hitting it. There’s a very good chance that the dealer will choose to bust and you are likely to end up dealing with a dilemma you could have avoided if you just choose to stand.

Do remember that blackjack is also a game of luck. So, even when you implement some sophisticated strategies, you’ll find that a bit of luck can greatly improve your odds.

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