Identifying the Best Roulette Odds to Improve Your Winning Chances

Roulette is a good introduction to gambling— particularly, online gambling. Newbies would appreciate how easy it is to play. There aren’t any complicated rules so, even when they have never played it before, they shouldn’t have a hard time learning it. Still, if you want to play the game with cash bets involved. You’d like to learn some tried and tested techniques that might lead to increasing your odds.

Choose European tables.

The main difference between an American and a European roulette table is the number of slots that they contain.

In European roulette, the wheel only contains 37 slots, numbered from 0 to 36.

In the American version, there is an additional 00 slot. The additional slot on the American wheel gives the house a rather high 5.6% edge while the European version offers a lower 2.7%. This is why if you want to have a higher winning success, always go for European roulette.

Learn the best bets before playing.

Learning about the best bets is essential if you’re to get a chance at winning when playing roulette. Despite how easy the game is played, it also offers some of the lowest winning odds out there. So, it will help improve your chances if you find out what specific bets are going to be more winnable. For instance, a good bet is an even one where you’re only going to lose half of the bet if the ball ends up landing on either 00 or 0.

Outside wagers usually help cut the house’s advantage from the rather high 5.26% to just 2.63%. Do take note that a bet of this type will only be effective for money-bets. They also hold the attraction of being able to play them for quite an extended period even with just a small bankroll.

This makes it ideal for newbies that do not want to spend a lot of money while learning the ropes. This also helps lower the risk once you aren’t spending as much money. It’s quite reassuring that you get a 45% winning chance with this wager too.  

Consider your best odds.

If you’re looking for the best possible table bet, find a European roulette that has the ‘in prison’ rule enforced. This means that if you make a money bet on an even number and the ball ends up landing on 0, your wager will not be taken by the croupier. Instead, the wager will be taken hostage or imprisoned. This allows you to move forward and make the next spin. If your bet ends up winning, you can take your bet off the table.

What’s good with this type of bet is how it reduces the overall advantage of the house on even bets by half so it goes down to 1.35%. If there is one roulette play that you should master, this is it.

Learn proper money management.

Always remember that roulette is always a game of chance. As such, you need to be more adept at managing your bankroll. While your management skills aren’t going to have any effect on your winning odds or the advantage of the house, it sure can help ensure that you will play longer while also not having to worry that you have spent way more than what you should.

Remember that with gambling, there is always going to be a risk of you losing your money. So, before playing, it is best to identify a specific budget. No matter what happens during the game, see to it that you’ll never go beyond that budget.

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